Exhibition Trailers vs Trade Show Exhibitions

October 30, 2015

Let’s look at the main differences between these two platforms, focusing on the opportunities that exhibition trailers offer over traditional fixed trade show exhibitions.

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Exhibition trailers drive marketing engagement

August 28, 2015

A recent study by Regalix Research has found that among offline channels used by marketing professionals, Events were voted the most useful – outperforming telemarketing, direct mail and print media. This finding reinforces Cosby Suppliers’ own experience of businesses increasingly showing an interest in discovering what exhibition trailers can offer them to improve their brand exposure at events, the benefits of which include direct contact with customers with faster and higher response rates compared to traditional TV and print advertising. More Info

The growth in event marketing is fueling the demand for bespoke exhibition trailers

June 29, 2015

With the UK summer finally appearing to be upon us (at least at the time of writing) more and more of us will be spending time outdoors, typically at special events and gatherings across the country. While these events will differ in scale and prestige, one common theme is shared across them all: event marketing.

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Marketers will make use of mobile exhibition trailers for upcoming sports events in 2015

December 03, 2014

Mobile exhibition trailers are a fantastic way for marketers to create a high profile marketing campaign which can be taken to the audience they are targeting. Mobility provides businesses with the flexibility they need to pick and choose where and when they want to promote their brands, products, services and marketing message directly to customers, face to face. This method of direct communication is used throughout the diverse and varied sectors and industries of commerce, including for live sports events.

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