Expanding vehicles for EMS

This is one of a number of expanding vehicles for marketing activities produced for Event Marketing Solutions.

Pathfinder expanding trailers for Event Marketing Solutions
Pathfinder expanding trailers for Event Marketing Solutions
Pathfinder expanding trailers for Event Marketing Solutions

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This is one of a fleet of expanding marketing vehicles produced over the years for a vast range of uses. These include, mobile classroom, product launch vehicle, mobile bank, computer room, exhibition stand and mobile clinic.

The expanding vehicles vehicle features a solid walled pod to one side and a gullwing to the opposite side. The walls can be glazed, partly or fully obscured depending upon the function. The vehicles have on board generators and air conditioning. Power typically ranges from 5kva to 12 kva and there are various options of where and how to fit the sets as well as enhanced sound suppression enclosures available.

The rear entrance forms a feature of the vehicle, acting as a canopy above the steps and passenger access lift. All expanding features are electro-hydraulic controlled so that one trained person can have a unit up and running within about 20 minutes of arrival on site.

The interior can be fitted out in a variety of ways with suspended ceilings, carpet or vinyl floorcovering and if needed false walls. Audio visual is a common requirement along with data cabling, often coupled with internet connectivity wither by 3G or roof mounted satellite dish.

The approximate 22 sq m floor space can be adapted to a variety of uses simply by adapting the interior fit out.

These expanding marketing vehicles can be built on trucks with a gross weight as little as 7500kg, depending on purpose, but are more commonly adapted for 10,000kg and 12,000kg chassis’ especially if a larger size generator is necessary.


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