Motorsport trailers – F1 paddock for Procar International

Sophisticated motorsport trailers, these two roof terraces were manufactured as part of complete paddock complexes for Procar International.

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F1 paddock trailers generally represent the pinnacle of coachbuilding and Cosby Suppliers has been privileged to work with Procar International and their illustrious list of clients.

When it comes to motorsport trailers, modern paddock complexes are usually multi-storey constructions with integral stairs and housing office space, driver areas, dining rooms, kitchens and sponsors lounges. The finished product may look like it has simple and clean lines, but there is a lot of work required to achieve the ultimate in bodybuilding that can never be seen at the end.

Every joint, fastening and sealing surface is given as much meticulous care and attention as the interior surface finishes to produce something reflective of the top level of motor racing.

Demountable units are frequently built and then craned into place to create a finished structure. Top decks are often converted into viewing galleries and glass is frequently used for external cladding. This requires a significant amount of engineering and structural calculations to be performed to ensure the craning process will cause the unit does not twist too much and that the glass elements does not break.

Just because the units are frequently demounted doesn’t mean that the trailers they sit on can be any less bespoke. They still need to be in keeping with their cargo when they travel down the road and will frequently feature hand finished skirts or locker lids with parallel lift hinges.


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