Mobile data centre IT trailers and IT trucks for ICW Power

When it comes to IT trailers, floor space was the overriding necessity for ICW Power, who needed a unit to house a large quantity of server racks on a semi permanent basis.

Mobile date centre IT trailers
Mobile date centre IT trailers

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In today’s digital age network infrastructure plays a crucial role in a business’ ability to function. While many businesses chose to host their computer networks with professional data centre services, some prefer to manage the servers that their systems depend on themselves. This business critical infrastructure – though no doubt protected as best possible – is acknowledged – in the worst case scenario – to be vulnerable, with the consequences of system loss too devastating to ignore. For this reason many businesses whose primary services are inextricably dependent on IT network infrastructure choose to maintain a mobile IT trailers or IT trucks contingency solution.

This mobile data centre is one of our bespoke built IT trailers and creates a huge 100m² of floor area. Each floor box represents one rack position on a unit intended to be used on a semi-permanent basis. IT trailers are an ideal temporary solution to cover an existing facility that has been damaged or destroyed, or as a stop gap while a brand new facility is being built.

As with all IT trailers, the vast number of racks presented a significant problem in terms of air conditioning which was overcome by using lots of indoor units contained within a central ceiling spine coupled to condensers that sat in locker space and within the front moulded deflector.

The trailer worked alongside a second trailer that featured a 360kva generator, UPS system and switchgear and was originally used within the telecommunications industry by ICW Power.


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