OB trailer for outside broadcast provider Visions

This OB trailer production unit is smaller than some of our other Outside Broadcast vehicles, but still provides a spacious and comfortable production facility.

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As leading designers and manufacturers of Outside Broadcast vehicles, we have formed long lasting relationships with many broadcast companies over the years. Our OB trucks and OB trailers have been pioneers for the industry during the television broadcasting revolution of the past decade, with the dramatic evolution to digital being mirrored by the Outside Broadcast vehicles that we have provided.

Some of the Outside Broadcast vehicles we’ve built have undoubtedly been ahead of their time, and have been manufactured so that they were future-proofed in anticipation of the transition away from 720p standard definition (SD) towards 1080p high definition (HD). With all of our experience providing Outside Broadcast vehicles we appreciate that the technology of the broadcasting industry is continually advancing, and in anticipation of likely changes we try to ensure that all of our OB vehicles and trailers will be compatible with upgrades to the next generation of technology, without needing to be entirely replaced.

This OB trailer production unit for Visions features an expanding rear section which allows for a flat screen monitor stack. This Outside Broadcast vehicles unit was supplied in a rack ready format and was designed to be upgraded to HD in the future, a transition which has easily and successfully taken place.


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