Marketing trailers – mini artic trailer for Audi

Audi mini artic marketing trailers for use at dealer events and track days

Marketing trailers for Audi

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Marketing trailers need to embody the philosophy and business message that a company projects through its product and/or service range, and its other promotional, advertising and sponsorship activities. Marketing trailers need to provide businesses with a home from home, ensuring the level of authority and consistency that all companies take for granted from their retail outlets and public facing places of business. To achieve this necessary level of perfection, choosing the right company to create your marketing trailers is essential.

Cosby Suppliers marketing trailers include this stunning 10m mini artic trailer for German automobile giant Audi, which takes its design influences from the firmly established Audi dealership architecture, including the incorporation of a signature curved roof, extensive glazing, logo identity, and the companies exact colour-matched dealership paint specification.

At the press of a button this marketing trailers roof opens to reveal a glazed gullwing side which extends horizontally outwards to create an elegant yet strong facade, all of which is in keeping with and reinforces the established Audi dealership design identity.

This fully functioning marketing trailer includes a self seeking roof mounted satellite dish, on-board power generation, air conditioning, and a premium level of finish, all of which conveys the prestige of the Audi brand at press launches, dealer events and track days.


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