Bespoke exhibition trailers with tailor made features

August 17, 2016

Here at Cosby Suppliers we know that each business is unique, and a one size fits all approach would not meet your specific objectives. Here we breakdown some of the unique features that have been incorporated into our bespoke exhibition trailers. More Info

Top 10 Exhibition Trailer benefits

November 27, 2015

Exhibition trailers are a great option for marketers and can be custom built by Cosby Suppliers to meet their exacting needs, on time and to budget.  Listed below are 10 benefits that an exhibition trailer can offer your business:

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Five essential tips to consider when conceiving your dream exhibition trailer

July 29, 2015

At Cosby Suppliers we’ve been designing and building bespoke exhibition trailers for many years. We work with small and medium enterprises, as well as global brands and household names. As such, we’ve accumulated an unrivalled range of experience and expertise, particularly useful when helping new customers decide exactly what kind of exhibition trailer they require.

Here are five essential tips to consider when conceiving your dream exhibition trailer or specialty vehicle:

Five tips for creating your dream exhibition trailer More Info

Consider an exhibition trailer for promoting your brand both indoors and outdoors

September 29, 2014

We know from experience that a bespoke-built, high quality exhibition trailer can make a significant impression on an audience, such as potential customers at an indoor or outdoor event. For almost thirty-five years Cosby Suppliers have been designing and manufacturing exhibition trailers for UK businesses of all shapes and sizes. In our time we’ve worked with small, medium and large enterprises, including many international household names.

Mobile exhibition trailer for Coca Cola

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