Consider an exhibition trailer for promoting your brand both indoors and outdoors

September 29, 2014

We know from experience that a bespoke-built, high quality exhibition trailer can make a significant impression on an audience, such as potential customers at an indoor or outdoor event. For almost thirty-five years Cosby Suppliers have been designing and manufacturing exhibition trailers for UK businesses of all shapes and sizes. In our time we’ve worked with small, medium and large enterprises, including many international household names.

Mobile exhibition trailer for Coca Cola

No matter the size of the business, or variation of exhibition trailer, the one thing they all have in common is successful marketing and sales activities through the use of our exhibition vehicles. Whether it’s a small, three metre-length mobile exhibition trailer (towable by car) or a full size articulated exhibition trailer unit, at Cosby Suppliers we can provide your business with a model to suit your budget and meet your needs.

Our experienced and expert exhibition trailer builders can incorporate space-generating side pods, maximising the footprint of your bespoke exhibition vehicle. They can integrate essential utilities, including power generators, air conditioning, mains electrics and custom equipment as necessary. The Cosby Suppliers design team can allow for feature entranceways, including retractable stairways and awnings.


No matter whether it’s a single product, range of products, services or promotional message you wish to market, a Cosby Suppliers exhibition trailer will help you deliver and succeed. Each of our exhibition vehicles is designed to fulfil the exacting needs of our customers, with features that focus on the specific task at hand.

If you have a range of products you want to display, wall mountings and/or independent display stands can be integrated at the heart of your bespoke design. If it’s a presentation you wish to make to the largest possible audience size, single or twin sliding side pods can be employed to create and maximise invaluable floor space. If it’s a VIP setting you wish to provide – for instance a suitable environment for closing a deal in – then no problem; our exterior and interior coach building and fitting and fixture services ensure that you and your customers will be feeling the ‘wow!’ factor.

In short, if you can imagine the need, we can realise your exhibition trailer dream.

Discover the potential of a Cosby Suppliers exhibition trailer

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