The growth in event marketing is fueling the demand for bespoke exhibition trailers

June 29, 2015

With the UK summer finally appearing to be upon us (at least at the time of writing) more and more of us will be spending time outdoors, typically at special events and gatherings across the country. While these events will differ in scale and prestige, one common theme is shared across them all: event marketing.

Exhibition trailers for event marketing

Event marketing is essentially face to face contact between those who want to sell and promote, and the audience that they engage with. Typically this engagement is between businesses and the general public, and most likely to take place at special events, such as music concerts and festivals, sports meets, local and regional fairs – in fact anywhere there’s a large gathering of people, and the opportunity for marketers to engage with the public.

If you’ve ever been to one of these type of events – perhaps a festival like Glastonbury, or English cricket hosting The Ashes – you’ll no doubt recall seeing all manner of facility and service available to cater for your every need. At events of this magnitude it’s typically the big companies and brands who dominate proceedings, and while they may have a captive audience, competition is still fierce. The need to stand out and gain the audience’s attention is vital, and one way big business achieves this is through deploying bespoke exhibition trailers.

IBM marketing and exhibition trailers

Exhibition trailers are essentially mobile premises for businesses and brands to present and promote their services, products and marketing messages. They’re a significant tool in the event marketing arsenal, the physical embodiment of how a brand is presented and perceived in a face to face environment. And while ultimately it’s the product, service and message that is at the centre of the event marketer’s strategy, exhibition trailers and vehicles are needed to frame these propositions.

If designed and built correctly, exhibition trailers will make a considerable impact on an audience. As fixed location retail environments have become ever more sophisticated, the shopping public have grown to expect a similar consumer experience from mobile retail settings. The technical sophistication of today’s exhibition trailers is such that they offer businesses the opportunity to seamlessly communicate their branding and marketing message exactly as they do for fixed locations.

Exhibition trailers offer considerable floor space

With considerable floor space available with articulated exhibition units, as well as integrated power generation, mains electric and air conditioning (augmented by comprehensive design, fit out and brand application opportunities) the interiors of many modern exhibition trailers are often indistinguishable from that of fixed retail locations.

All in all, exhibition trailers ‘take the inside outside’ and present marketers with unrivalled opportunities to maximise their event marketing activities.

Want to know more about exhibition trailers?

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