Exhibition trailers drive marketing engagement

August 28, 2015

A recent study by Regalix Research has found that among offline channels used by marketing professionals, Events were voted the most useful – outperforming telemarketing, direct mail and print media. This finding reinforces Cosby Suppliers’ own experience of businesses increasingly showing an interest in discovering what exhibition trailers can offer them to improve their brand exposure at events, the benefits of which include direct contact with customers with faster and higher response rates compared to traditional TV and print advertising.

As any marketer knows, nothing beats the personal touch of a warm handshake, and the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one conversation. Getting to know a prospective customer on a personal level is so much more valuable than any other lead generation. This form of direct event marketing also allows businesses to collect valuable feedback, often very helpful for influencing future business decisions. At its heart, face-to-face engagement through event marketing creates a personal connection, building genuine trust between a company and its audience.

To achieve this, smart marketers include exhibition trailers as part of an integrated communications strategy, combining new technology digital channels with old school event marketing. Both face-to-face and online avenues have their own unique benefits, but these merits are greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with each other. Direct, personal interaction helps to start a relationship, while digital channels provide brands with a flexible, targeted arsenal of channels essential to keeping the conversation going.

One of the many benefits of utilising exhibition trailers is that you can easily target the events your demographic typically attend, whether it be music concerts, sports tournaments or other large gatherings. Exhibition trailers ensure that you have compete freedom regarding having a presence at your audience location, with the sophistication and comforts once only available at a fixed premises.

Exhibition trailers also allow businesses to utilise their most valuable resource – their staff. Employees are able to present and demonstrate key product and service selling points better than any other method, drawing on knowledge, experience and the personal touch to successfully communicate the benefits. Furthermore, the human experience can play a significant role in closing a sale there and then. And if a deal can’t be done immediately, exhibition trailers provide the perfect setting to negotiate the finer details with decision makers.

Exhibition trailers: Creating awareness and generating targeted leads

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