Type approval

April 25, 2014

Despite being on the table for many years, it is still clear that not everyone has fully grasped the effects of Type Approval which became effective for trailers in 2013 and covers vehicles over 3500kg from this October. More Info

Industry terminology

April 03, 2014

Here at Cosby Suppliers Ltd we have been reviewing our Google AdWords marketing campaign and have realised that it’s extremely difficult to second guess the keywords that people might search for when trying to find a specialist vehicle manufacturer. More Info

Climate changes

March 26, 2014

In an increasingly global market, we are working on more and more units that are destined for harsh climatic conditions. The Coca Cola vehicles for the Sochi Torch Relay faced extreme cold, whilst other units have been destined for the severe heat of the Middle East. Each extreme presents its own challenges but ones we can usually overcome. More Info

Second hand trailers

March 07, 2014

It’s always around this time of year that prospective customers phone us hoping there is still time to magically create a new unit for the summer season. In many cases, it is too late for a brand new build, but unless it is an unusual design brief, the second hand trailer market is an alternative starting point to still create something. More Info

Specialist Coachbuilding

January 22, 2014

Specialist coachbuilding is a constantly evolving industry. Whether it’s new products, finishes or construction techniques there are always innovative ways to ensure that we operate on the basis of continual improvement.

The markets and industries that we operate in also keep changing both geographically and by sectors. Middle Eastern markets are starting to emerge for marketing units as their events calendar expands to match regional growth, to give just one example. More Info