Specialist Coachbuilding

January 22, 2014

Specialist coachbuilding is a constantly evolving industry. Whether it’s new products, finishes or construction techniques there are always innovative ways to ensure that we operate on the basis of continual improvement.

The markets and industries that we operate in also keep changing both geographically and by sectors. Middle Eastern markets are starting to emerge for marketing units as their events calendar expands to match regional growth, to give just one example.

Different markets present different climatic challenges from the heat of the Middle East to the cold of northern Europe and different industries require different levels of finish from rugged and practical all the way up to the finest finishing expected on motor racing and broadcast vehicles.

It all means that everyone’s requirements are different and so everything we produce is different to adapt to circumstances. All our units are expertly designed, engineered and built to meet specific requirements drawing on our vast experience and employing variations on a number of our tried and tested designs and systems.

It makes us uniquely placed to interpret any requirement and adapt it for any industry in any territory. So contact us to see how we can mobilise your company.