Industry terminology

April 03, 2014

Here at Cosby Suppliers Ltd we have been reviewing our Google AdWords marketing campaign and have realised that it’s extremely difficult to second guess the keywords that people might search for when trying to find a specialist vehicle manufacturer.

We receive many phone calls from various people from outside the manufacturing industry that think they know what they want but don’t really know what it’s called. Obviously it’s our job to understand and turn their vision into a mobile solution. Sometimes customers have seen something built at a roadshow and think their business or customer could benefit from something similar – the only problem is that there are no real guidelines on what to call these vehicles. For starters many people ask us if we can build a truck when they mean actually mean a trailer.

When it comes to the outside broadcasting sector, for example, we build trucks, trailers and units. We get enquiries for buses, vans, caravans and lorries etc. – all sorts of vehicles, and when we delve deeper into understanding what the potential client wants we soon realise that the mobile solution they are looking for might in actual fact be called a truck or trailer.

What is the difference between a promotional trailer and a marketing trailer, or an exhibition trailer and an exhibition unit? It’s a similar problem when it comes to the motorsport sector. We have built Formula 1 paddock trailers that when assembled becomes a mobile building. What you’ll find however is that people call them Formula 1 motorhomes. In reality these structures are certainly not motorhomes in the caravan sense and we have to make the distinction between what potential customers might search for and what a Formula 1 fan might search for. It’s not easy trying to second-guess what people might search for to find our website, especially given the vast amount of different terminology used to describe some of the units we manufacture. However you want to describe your vision, we are here to help and guide you through the process – and if you’d like us to, we’ll apply an industry standard title to it!