Mobile exhibition trailers for engaging with your audience

September 15, 2014

While it’s true that digital marketing is growing increasingly important to marketers, traditional face to face engagement still has a significant role to play for businesses across all sectors and industries. Taking a product, service or message on the road with mobile exhibition trailers provides a high impact opportunity for attracting new business and expanding consumer engagement.

Mobile exhibition trailers Ducati

As part of an overall marketing and advertising strategy, mobile exhibition trailers and vehicles can serve as sampling units at the point of contact with the intended audience; they can be employed as display trailers for the purpose of demonstration; act as retail outlets which go to the customer, rather than waiting for them to come to you; and provide unique opportunities for first-hand audience interaction and engagement.

Today’s modern mechanical and electronic technologies mean that mobile exhibition trailers are extremely sophisticated, delivering an environment which can match that of a fixed site location. Units include power generators to supply all on-board electrical requirements; air conditioning and climate control for user comfort; data cabling and telecommunications installation for satellite and/or broadcast communications; custom equipment installation specific to the end user’s exacting needs; and of course complete interior fitting services created bespoke to meet the standards and corporate guidelines of fixed site specifications.

Mobile exhibition trailers Ducati

Mobile exhibition trailers

Mobile exhibition trailers and vehicles - Parker Hannifin

With this level of service readily available to commission, it’s little wonder that more and more private sector and public sector businesses and organisations are choosing to create a presence at events and occasions with mobile exhibition trailers. Captive audiences, such as at sports events, concerts, festivals and shows, as well as those frequenting malls and shopping centres provide marketers with sales and advertising opportunities that can be pursued with the same level of sophistication and coordination as that available with fixed site locations. With mobile exhibition trailers the opportunity exists to go anywhere and do anything.

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