Turning initial exhibition trailer concepts into a working reality

October 31, 2016

Here at Cosby Suppliers we pride ourselves on being able to bring exhibition vans, trailers and truck concepts to life. This is only possible because of the skill of our employees, and the open working relationships we have with our customers.

We combine our knowledge of what is possible with the client’s brief, to produce something that will enhance your mobile marketing campaigns. This results in bespoke exhibition trucks that are sure to wow the public and ensure you stand above the competition.

Here is a list of marketing trailers that have unique aspects, that Cosby Suppliers have successfully delivered:

Meantime Brewing Company bespoke truck

exhibition trailers bespoke trailer Meantime Rear Profile

This custom-built exhibition truck definitely falls into the category of unique. The Meantime Brewing Company wanted something that would make them stand out at events, and help enhance sales whilst on the road. In conjunction with The Black Arts Company, Cosby Suppliers built a vehicle which looked like real-life tanker but one which actually housed dispensing and refrigeration equipment to serve up to 2,000 cold pints to a thirsty crowd.

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Coca Cola 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics marketing vehicle

Event marketing trailers and vehicles - Coca Cola coca cola scania 2 Roadshow trailers and vehicles for 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Branded to the hilt in Coca Cola red, this exhibition vehicle had everything it needed to stand up against the harsh elements of the Winter Olympics. The marketing vehicle had to stay on the road over a four-month tour of Russia, diesel powered night heaters, high powered generators and LED lighting fit for the Russian winter, made sure it completed its mission.

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F1 paddock trailer for Procar International

Ferrari-2009-Finished-(78) Ferrari-2009-Finished-(77) Ferrari-2009-Finished-(3)

Cosby Suppliers continue to produce hospitality trailers to the very highest standard, our F1 trailer for Procar is no exception. As always no corners were cut in the production and delivery of this unit. Viewing galleries and numerous glass windows added space, the luxury interiors were reflective of the top level of motor racing.

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