Cosby Suppliers are specialist trailer manufacturers UK

August 04, 2014

Established as leading UK designers and builders for bespoke trailers and vehicles, Cosby Suppliers are specialist trailer manufacturers UK providing services both directly to businesses, their agents, and to event marketing agencies and PR companies on behalf of their clients.

Specialist trailer manufacturers UK

Covering a wide selection of vehicle types, for a diverse range of business sectors, Cosby Suppliers have a hard earned reputation as the specialist trailer manufacturers UK of choice for delivering specialised vehicle solutions made to the exacting needs of our clients. No matter what your industry or the goals you wish to achieve, Cosby Suppliers have the experience, expertise and solution to make your vision a reality.

Cosby Suppliers are trailer manufacturers UK for some of the world’s highest profile brands and leaders in their fields. We have created event marketing trailers and roadshow vehicles on behalf of Samsung and Coca Cola; Marketing trailers and vehicles for Audi, IBM, BSkyB and Volkswagen; Outside Broadcast vehicles and trailers for leading facilities company NEP Visions (on behalf of end user Sky Sports); Medical trailers and vehicles for EMS Healthcare, including a fully operational chemotherapy trailer, and eight bed dialysis ward; Motorsport trailers and vehicles for Ducati, Procar International and Supernova Racing; Mobile IT trailers and vehicles for IBM and ICW Power; and many, many more.

Specialist trailer manufacturers UK

Specialist trailer manufacturers UK

And that’s just an example of the commercial trailers and vehicles we can talk about. As leading trailer manufacturers UK we take our customer’s need for commercial confidentiality very seriously. We have vast experience of working with agents and representatives of the final end user and understand their needs. As such we are ready and able to adapt to their individual requirements.

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Talk with Cosby Suppliers today about our bespoke trailers and vehicles. We’re here to discuss your requirements in complete commercial confidence and provide a solution to meet your needs. Call Cosby Suppliers on 0116 286 2564 to learn more. Alternatively complete our contact form.

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