Roadshow vehicles may play a significant role in next year’s UK general election

November 28, 2014

If you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ll already know that Cosby Suppliers are a strong advocate of how important mobile exhibition vehicles, marketing trailers and roadshow vehicles are for a successful event marketing strategy. While we’ve previously highlight their usage for sports, music and social opportunities, such as at tournaments and festivals, there’s one upcoming event in 2015 which will not only benefit greatly through their usage, but which may have a significant impact on the event at hand: the United Kingdom general election.

Roadshow vehicles of all shapes and sizes may have an impact on next year’s vote. It’s essential for parties of all political persuasion to get their message out to the man and woman on the street, and while local party members and campaigners will already be present at locations throughout the UK, making a big impression – and hopefully generating much sought after TV airtime on national news programmes – will in part be determined by the production values that, for instance, roadshow vehicles can deliver.

We’ve all seen it before, leading politicians touring a town or city in bespoke roadshow vehicles, mobile platforms branded in party colours, espousing the core message of the campaign. Sometimes it’s a modified double decker bus, other times a marketing trailer. There have even been mobile trailers that convert into stages, forming a focal point for the electorate to gather around. These, and other roadshow vehicles, are ideal for public rallies and garnering attention.

With production values so high today – just compare any party conference of the 1980s to today’s sophisticated affairs – it’s no surprise to learn that the expectation is the same for today’s mobile marketing platforms and roadshow vehicles. Anything less will simply not do, running the risk of being seen as amateur and not taken seriously. Today’s electorate are much more design-savvy, demanding a level of sophistication that matches their consumer and entertainment experiences.


Now’s the time to start thinking about roadshow vehicles

It isn’t just political parties who need to start thinking about their need for roadshow vehicles in 2015. If your business is planning on taking part in live event marketing activities, outdoor exhibitions or any other mobile marketing campaign, now’s the time to consult the UK’s leading commercial vehicles and trailers manufacturers.

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