Race day motorsport trailers, transporters, mobile workshops and paddock trailers

March 10, 2015

With the start of the 2015 Formula 1 motor racing season less than a week away, the Cosby Suppliers’ design and coachbuilder teams are reminded of the many motorsport trailers, trucks, transporters, paddock trailers and support vehicles we’ve designed and built over the years. F1 is the world’s most glamorous and high profile motorsports property, followed by millions of devoted fans around the globe, and attracting the lion’s share of media coverage.

Motorsport trailers: F1 paddock trailers for Ferrari

And while we’ve produced exceptional motorsports trailers and vehicles used by famous global F1 marques – such as when we created a multi-deck hospitality paddock trailer for Procar International which was subsequently used by Ferrari – we know from experience that the majority of demand for motor transporters, mobile workshops, race day trailers, paddock trailers and hospitality vehicles comes from racing teams which don’t participate at F1’s exhaulted level.

That’s not to say that other levels of motor racing are any less intense or exciting as F1, or that the specifications and build quality of the motorsport trailers they demand is any less. Quite the opposite in fact. With typically smaller budgets than their compatriots in F1, racing teams – such as those in Formula 3, GP2, Formula Ford, and the recently started Formula E – demand their budgets go further.

Motorsport trailers: F1 paddock trailers for Ferrari

Motorsport trailers: Mobile workshops and event trailers for Supernova Racing

Motorsport trailers: Race day event trailers for Ducati

And it’s not just those motorsport teams driving on four wheels. Just as demanding are motorcycle teams, such as those that compete in MotoGP and Superbikes. Just as with F1, at Cosby Suppliers we’ve provided motorsport trailers and vehicles to leading bike marques, such as Ducati, in partnership with Countrylab.

No matter the level of racing, or the size of team, with Cosby Suppliers motorsport teams are assured of the highest level of design and build quality, all within budget, and at a specification that meets their exacting needs. Whether it’s a motorsports transporter, mobile workshop, motorsport hospitality trailer, event trailers, paddock trailers or a combination of the lot, Cosby Suppliers are the experienced expert motorsport trailer manufacturer to speak to.

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