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August 19, 2014

At Cosby Suppliers we are leaders in the design and build of bespoke mobile specialty vehicles. For nearly thirty years we have provided custom made trailers and vehicles to a diverse range of sectors and industries, including many that require specialist equipment installations for the purpose of providing their services on the road, such as for medical trailers and vehicles, mobile workshops, and mobile IT and communication vehicles and trailers.

Mobile specialty vehicles - Medical - Tenovus / EMS chemotherapy trailer

We have a proven track record of delivering mobile specialty vehicles that are of the highest quality and designed to last, providing our customers with excellent value for money. That’s why so many of our clients come back to us time and time again.

Take our series of medical trailers and vehicles for EMS Healthcare.  Over the years we’ve developed a relationship which allows us to completely understand their needs and objectives. As such we’ve been able to deliver a variety of bespoke mobile specialty vehicles that suit their needs perfectly. Examples include a mobile chemotherapy unit trailer which includes expanding side pods. These not only open up the available space of the unit but in doing so retain a perfectly flat floor.

Mobile medical vehicles - Tenovus / EMS chemotherapy trailer

As a mobile medical centre the unit contains everything you’d expect to find at a fixed location: internal partitioning, power generator, air conditioning, plumbing (which meets NHS specifications), toilet and private meeting areas. There’s even a feature entrance to greet the remote community users the service is intended for.

Being out on the road doesn’t mean the mobile medical trailer is cut off from the outside world. The trailer can also feature a roof mounted satellite dish for data and television reception, allowing medical personnel to access patient medical records situated at other locations.


Then there’s a series of mobile specialty vehicles that collectively form an EMS Healthcare mobile renal dialysis centre. A series of vehicle form a fully functioning eight bed dialysis ward, including provision for staff areas, reception, consulting, utility rooms, toilets and shower facilities. Though powered independently, the units can be connected to mains power and plumbing. When it comes to mobile specialty vehicles, Cosby Suppliers can provide it all.

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