Mobile exhibition vehicles will play a role in upcoming music festivals in 2015

December 10, 2014

A quick glance at the list of upcoming high profile music festivals in 2015 reveals why so many event marketing activities aimed at targeting the audiences that attends these social gatherings take advantage of the benefits of mobile exhibition vehicles.

Isle of Wight Festival
Download Festival
Wireless Festival
T in the Park
Leeds Festival
Reading Festival

(Selected events only.)

With a combined anticipated audience of almost half a million attendees per day, six of the top twenty highest attended music festivals worldwide take place in the United Kingdom. While audience quantity is always important, so too is quality. Audience demographics at festivals are heavily skewed towards young people, always a favourite target market for businesses and marketers everywhere.

Furthermore, with the continued popularity of music festivals forcing ticket prices ever higher (weekend tickets for Glastonbury 2015 originally went on sale for £225 each, and completely sold out in the space of just 26 minutes) this young, materialistic audience is increasingly likely to be affluent too, another essential consumer attribute that gets many marketers licking their lips. That’s where mobile exhibition vehicles can help to ensure that event marketing opportunities are exploited to their maximum.

Delivering a level of design and build sophistication to rival traditional fixed site outlets and locations, mobile exhibition vehicles provide a unique, made to order platform for marketers to showcase their brands, products, services and marketing messages directly to festival goers, face to face.

And that’s not all. In a finite, ring fenced environment such as a music festival, amenities and facilities play a very significant role. Basic human needs, such as bathroom facilities, shopping outlets, and communications-based services (such as for mobile phone charging and internet access) provide businesses with captive audience branding and sponsorship opportunities.

These, as well as all other bespoke truck and trailer-based opportunities, are achievable when designed and built by Cosby Suppliers. We have a long history of delivering bespoke mobile exhibition vehicles to all industries and sectors. We’re the go-to team for mobile exhibition vehicles for event marketing activities.


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