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May 21, 2015

At Cosby Suppliers we take great pride in delivering specialist vehicle solutions for a wide and diverse range of businesses and sectors. Our bespoke trailers and vehicles operate throughout the UK and across the world, all designed and built to the exacting needs of our many customers. One particular vehicle type we are especially proud to provide is medical trailers.

Medical trailers and mobile medical vehicles

We’ve been providing bespoke medical trailers, mobile clinics, mobile medical units and many other types of mobile medical vehicles to healthcare professionals for many years. It’s an area of specialism that requires ultra-high attention to detail and level of end-user understanding. When lives are at risk everything has to be done right, first time every time.

It’s an unfortunate reflection of increasing global emergency that we are continuously asked by international healthcare organisations to provide medical trailers and vehicles. Internationally, increased natural disaster, famine and conflict have all resulted in a significant rise in the need for mobile medical solutions. And while the reasons are different domestically, changes to UK health practices and the pressure of NHS resources has seen a demand for flexible, cost effective mobile medical solutions that can serve communities that fall outside of major urban conurbations.

Medical trailers and mobile medical vehicles

Medical trailers and mobile medical vehicles

Of course the medical sector is wide and diverse, and this is reflected in the variety of medical trailers and mobile medical vehicles that healthcare organisations require.

Chemotherapy trailers, renal dialysis trailers, retinal screening trucks and trailers, mobile occupational health vehicles, mobile operating theatres: these and many, many more are continuously sought by healthcare professionals.

Fortunately, we have a wealth of experience and expertise at delivering mobile medical trailers and healthcare vehicles. For example, our mobile chemotherapy unit for EMS Healthcare features twin nesting pods, flat floor, internal partitioning and a feature entrance with passenger lift access. On board power generation, air conditioning and plumbing all meet ultra-high NHS specifications.


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