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June 16, 2014

Throughout the near thirty years that Cosby Suppliers have been designing and manufacturing bespoke specialist trailers and specialty vehicles, one area that we’ve really enjoyed excelling in is medical trailers, and associated specialty medical vehicles.

Medical trailers- Tenovus / EMS chemotherapy unit

Helping healthcare professionals make a difference to the lives of others is the driving force behind why our business has evolved with the medical trailers sector, and why we’re committed to ensuring that health service providers will always have a reliable, tried and trusted specialist trailer manufacturer with their interests at heart.

As the medical profession has changed, so too have our medical trailers, ensuring that our specialty vehicles meet the exacting needs of this highly regulated sector. It goes without saying that all Cosby Suppliers’ speciality trailers and vehicles are made to the very highest standards, but when it comes to medical trailers we know from experience that extra level of quality that needs to be found to ensure that strict medical regulations and legislation are always met. With the number of medical trailers we’ve provided over the years we’re all too aware that attention to detail and regulations makes all the difference when it comes to satisfying our very demanding (and rightly so) healthcare customers.

Medical trailers - Tenovus / EMS chemotherapy unit

Whether it be mobile chemotherapy units, mobile dialysis wards, lightweight retinal screening vans, or any number of mobile clinics – whether medical trucks and medical trailers – Cosby Suppliers have never failed to deliver a high specification vehicle that meets our customers exacting needs. That’s why our loyal healthcare customer base returns to us time and again as their medical trailers requirements evolve.

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