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July 15, 2014

If there’s one thing we can all agree about in the UK, it’s taking the opportunity to enjoy a good day or weekend out at an event or occasion that encapsulates our individual interests and passions. Whether it’s music festivals, sports events, exhibitions, or any other subject of interest, these occasions are a fantastic opportunity for marketers to utilise exhibition trailers and vehicles with a captive audience.

Exhibition trailers and vehicles - Parker Hannifin

Ordinarily, businesses are dependent on potential customers coming to them, whether it be in person to – for example – their outlets ‘on the high street’ or – as is increasingly the case – electronically via their websites, or other digital gateways. The beauty of event marketing is that companies can take their product, service or message to an audience they have identified as pertinent to their business, typically in a captive environment, who are likely to be receptive to their overtures.

When such an opportunity is identified, it is essential that any exhibition trailers or vehicles utilised are comprehensively representative of the business ethos and philosophy of the brand in question, in exactly the same way that their outlets and digital marketing are managed. Failure to do so risks sending the wrong message, or worse alienating the audience and adversely damaging the brand.

With an elevated level of marketing sophistication and expectation, today’s potential customers demand the very best from those that would attempt to communicate or market to them. Exhibition trailers and vehicles effectively become brand ambassadors for your business, so it’s vital that they are created to a level and standard that meets the audience’s expectations. That’s why so many businesses and leading brands work in partnership with Cosby Suppliers.

IBM marketing and exhibition trailers

Expanding exhibition trailers for Heidelberg

As the leading UK go-to designer and fabricator of specialist vehicles, our exhibition trailers and vehicles are second to none. With almost sixty years’ experience of delivering bespoke specialty vehicles, including sophisticated, high-profile marketing trailers and exhibition trailers, we provide the tried and trusted expertise that businesses demand. Working both directly with businesses and the marketing companies that support them, Cosby Suppliers have an earned an enviable reputation both in the UK and abroad.

We’ve produced marketing / exhibition trailers and vehicles for leading international brands including Audi, Coca Cola, IBM, Samsung and Sky TV, to name a few, but as no two customer requirements are ever exactly the same, so our exhibition trailers and vehicles are designed and built bespoke to our customers exacting needs.

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