Exhibition Trailers, tactics for success in 2016

December 22, 2015

Exhibition trailers allow you to take your marketing message on the road and should be a key feature of your marketing campaigns in 2016. Here are a few reasons why…

Extended reach for established businesses

Exhibition trailers can be a cost-effective way to tap into existing foot fall and interest of a particular area. Exhibition trailers can be used to strengthen a brand within a strategic area or expand its reach into new locations.

Generate a buzz

Exhibition trailers help brands generate a buzz and are fantastic marketing tools that can draw attention from crowds. This is especially the case if the trailer has a unique design or appearance, which is something Cosby Suppliers is known for.

Attention grabbing

Exhibition trailers and units should command the attention of your intended audience and suck in any passers-by in the process. You will only have one change to grab your new customer’s attention so don’t blow it. Our roadshow trailers and motorsport trailers are great examples of enticing design.


Online stores

Exhibition trailers are especially beneficial for online stores that don’t usually get the chance to interact directly with consumers. Exhibition trailers allow new and potential customers to touch and feel the product before buying it. Mobile trailers allow companies to expose themselves to a certain market segment that may not shop online or visit their online store.

Exhibition trailers would also benefit those online companies with complex products or services. The trailer area would provide a private space where the unique benefits could be explained and any concerns overcome.

Flexible training space

Exhibition trailers not only educate customers on the potential of your products, but they can also be used to train your staff. Companies live and die by the knowledge of their staff and exhibition trailers are an ideal platform to share knowledge about new products and services.


Testing and experimentation

The temporary nature of exhibition trailers allow businesses to test new products and anticipate future demands. Businesses could use this data to help mould future business decisions regarding marketing spend or to try out a new business idea within a fairly controlled environment.

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