Exhibition Trailers – Four tips for a successful campaign

August 30, 2016

Here we have put together four key considerations when considering an exhibition campaign. From planning the location and your ideal audience, to supporting the campaign through various channels.

1. Planning your visit

Carefully organising your route so that you hit as many places as possible, this makes sense if time and funds allow.

If however you’re more limited in terms of time and resources, make sure you focus on the areas that will be most interested in your products or services. If you are a B2B company, focus on those locations that would provide the most valuable B2B leads. If you are a B2C company, then foot fall should be more important.

It may be tempting to focus on areas that produced the most sales in the past, but don’t forget those areas with the most potential for growth. These areas may not know your brand quite as well, and a face to face meeting with this audience could bear fruit and be the most impactful.

Some audiences don’t want to travel long distances and would rather keep it local, this is where exhibition trailers come into their own.

2. Schedule supporting activity

Set event invitations and reminders well ahead of time, this will allow you to staff the event as best as possible.

Use social media as a soft touch point with your audience, LinkedIn updates are ideal for B2B, Twitter and Facebook are more suited to B2C.

You should also think about capturing the event as it happens, either through video or photos. This will allow you to share with your audience while the exhibition is running, as well as providing resources to promote the event after it has finished.

3. Timing your exhibition

Remember to take into consideration the complexity of your exhibition trailer, and how this will impact the time it takes to design and construct. Does it have special features that need to be incorporated? This can all have an impact on when you will be able to get your exhibition vehicle on the road.

exhibition trailersbespoke trailerMeantime Rear Profile

Try to avoid planning your event at busy times of the year, as it is likely that your potential customers will be busy to. Plan your roadshow at quieter times of the year, to maximise foot fall and help boost your ROI.

Also check major industry events so you don’t clash with any big shows and events running at the same time.

4. Follow up

We have left the most important task until last. Make sure you follow up on all of the leads that you have collected during the event, and thank those who showed an interest in your product or services.

Could exhibition trailers help your business?

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