Which of the 2015 election battle buses gets your vote?

April 30, 2015

It’s just one week until the UK general election, and political parties of all persuasions are stepping up their efforts to communicate their message. With this being the most unpredictable election for many years, and party support fragmented throughout the country, politicians are desperately trying to garner votes at every opportunity. And while television provides the broadest outlet for the ultimate dissemination of their message, politicians are in fact increasingly attempting to engage with the public face to face, moving from electoral battleground to electoral battleground in their purpose built battle buses.

Battle buses and roadshow vehicles for engaging directly with your audience

Picture: Julian Simmonds/The Telegraph

Battle buses – a form of roadshow vehicle – are a time honoured tradition in politics. From their humble beginnings of simply being a regular vehicle with a sign draped across them, their sophistication and transformation has – like the nature of politics itself – evolved into something very much more purposeful and stage managed.

Today’s battle buses are purpose built and designed bespoke by coachbuilders and specialist commercial vehicle manufacturers, such as Cosby Suppliers. With components, equipment and features typically found on exhibition trailers, marketing trailers, roadshow vehicles and mobile display vehicles, the modern battle bus is a sophisticated mobile communications system which embraces the afore mentioned commercial functionality and characteristics of the modern mobile marketer.

And while Cosby Suppliers have not provided a battle bus to any of this year’s competing political parties, we know only too well from years of experience designing and building bespoke specialty vehicles – like exhibition trailers, marketing trailers, roadshow vehicles and mobile display vehicles – that the expertise and know-how required to successfully do so are what we provide to our many commercial customers every day.

From bespoke coach building to interior outfitting, and power generation to air conditioning, Cosby Suppliers have a tried and trusted track record of time and again delivering specialist vehicle services and solutions to businesses and organisations throughout the UK and around the world.

Like battle buses, roadshow vehicles and trailers are great for engaging with the public

Whether it be medical trailers for EMS Healthcare or the NHS; outside broadcast vehicles for the BBC or Sony; communications trailers for BAE Systems, or any number of motorsport trailers, exhibition trailers, marketing trailers, roadshow vehicles and mobile display vehicles for the world’s highest profile brands (including Audi, BSkyB, Coca Cola, Ducati, Samsung and Volkswagen) global businesses and organisations elect Cosby Suppliers to design and build their bespoke specialty vehicles.

So if you need a specialist vehicle and are still undecided on who to choose for a brighter future, make an informed decision and consider Cosby Suppliers before you cast your vote.


Whether battle buses or any other, speak with Cosby Suppliers about specialist vehicles

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