Display vehicles are a great option for marketers

November 22, 2016

Display vehicles and vans can be custom built to your exact requirements, on time and to budget. We specialise in bespoke trailers that help you stand out from the crowd, and enable you to take your products, services, and marketing message on the road.

We offer a range of display trailers, from larger articulated trailers to smaller vans and trucks. Cosby Suppliers have brought concepts to life from a range of industries, this means there’s a display trailer option for all marketing and exhibition needs, and that businesses can be confident of finding the type that suits them exactly.

Both bigger and smaller display trailers have their benefits, larger trailers allow you to have a larger footprint at an event, whereas smaller vehicles have lower running costs and are easier to manoeuvre.

Here are some examples at different ends of the scale:

Exhibition trailer manufacturers for BSkyB VW Skoda (148) Expanding trailers - Audi double deck hospitality and marketing trailers

  • Here Cosby Suppliers created a lightweight (4,500kg) event vehicle for BSkyB which contained a walk-through experience highlighting the benefits of the Sky+ service.
  • The mobile event trailers built for Volkswagen/Skoda were lightweight (3,500kg). The trailer contained fold out wall panels and a drop down outdoor floor space, helping create the feeling of space while maintaining the trailers prominence. Our unique understanding of display vehicles allows us to squeeze the maximum out of every inch.
  • Our double deck hospitality trailers for Audi had two decks comprised of meeting rooms, a coffee counter and soft seating area ideal for hosting guests and falls within the larger trailer category. The trailer had an exceptional finish which you would associate with a premium car brand.

All interiors and exteriors can be configured to match your brand, perfect for any exhibition or event where brand exposure is important.

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