Display trailers and vans are a great choice of mobile exhibition vehicle

January 27, 2015

Just like the wide and varied sectors that we provide bespoke vehicles for, there is a diverse range of mobile exhibition vehicle platforms available to utilise for taking products, services and marketing messages on the road. Display trailers and vans are a great option for marketers and can be custom built to meet their exacting needs, on time and to budget.

Display vans for BSkyB

Display trailers come in all shapes and sizes, and – dependant on size and weight – can be towed by car, 4×4, van or lorry (in the case of long articulated trailers). This means there’s a display trailer option for all marketing and exhibition needs, and that businesses can be confident of finding the type that suits them exactly.

For instance, display vans are single body vehicles which can be driven by anyone, very useful when considering the end user. While their exhibition area footprint may not be as large as the biggest trailers, display vans still pack a powerful punch, offering businesses excellent expansion and display opportunities from a modestly sized vehicle. Their size also makes it easier to maintain, cost effective to run, and (not to be overlooked) easier to park than larger trailers.

BSkyB display van

Take SkyB, the high profile satellite television broadcaster. They embarked on a campaign to take their digital TV products and services on the road to engage directly with potential customers in shopping centre car parks and out of town retail locations throughout the UK. They opted for a medium sized, high roof single body display van which featured opening side panels (both vertically and horizontally) on both sides of the vehicle. This created a display area with triple the original footprint of the van’s cargo area. A small on-board generator provided power for all the electrical equipment and TVs, including a fully automatic self-seeking satellite dish. The interior featured movable, high tech display panels and lighting for a range of TV screens and set top boxes.

Display van for BSkyB


Audi mini-artic display trailer

When it came to choosing a medium bodied hospitality and display trailer, German automotive giant Audi opted for a mini-artic model, towed by a traditional articulated lorry but considerably smaller than a full size trailer. But don’t be fooled by the smaller size of this display unit. Utilised for motorsport track days and other hospitality events, this mini-artic was designed to expand outwards along the length and height of the trailer, effectively doubling the display trailer’s footprint, and providing Audi with an impressive, fully glazed mobile display platform. With its own on-board power generation and air conditioning system, this trailer was configured to provide a series of intimate chat areas within a smart interior setting, serving as both a display space and hospitality area in one.

Display trailer (mini-artic) for Audi

Display trailers for Audi


EMS double-podded display trailer

Sometimes size matters. Sometimes you need the largest possible display area available. That’s when a full sized articulated trailer with twin nesting pods (that expand on either side) gets the job done. Our bespoke, double-podded trailer for Event Marketing Solutions provides a high quality split-level floor area of approximately 60m². The scale of the floor space is simply astonishing, and with its own power generation and all mod cons projects the sense of a fixed building interior. This exhibition space on wheels is used for a variety of EMS customers, providing them with an unrivalled display trailer and exhibition space platform.

Display trailers for Event Marketing Solutions

Display trailers for Event Marketing Solutions


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