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September 23, 2016

Over the years, Cosby Suppliers have been at the forefront of specialist vehicle development. The Cosby team is completely comfortable developing one-off vehicles and trucks, that meet your exact requirements, the Gamma Ray mobile scanner is one such example.

The problem

Billions of tons of cargo pass through global ports annually. International customs and border control teams need an efficient and cost effective way of inspecting cargo.

Traditional manual inspections take time, and struggles to meet the demand of a high pace environment.

There is always a risk that mistakes could be made with human inspection. Customs needed a trusted inspection system that would produce consistent results 24/7.

The solution

Vehicle and cargo inspection systems (VACIS) can be used to quickly examine cargo shipments.

Cosby Suppliers created a specialist vehicle that incorporated a gamma ray based inspection system designed to non-intrusively inspect the contents of trucks, containers, and cargo. The gamma source offers greater reliability and a lower cost of ownership than X-rays because it uses a constant source and shutter system rather than a complicated, high-voltage electrical system to create the radiation.

The truck mounted system uses gamma rays and hundreds of advanced sensors which detect anomalies in density within the container. It is used to detect drugs, weapons and currency that is illegally making its way into the country.

mobile gamma ray specialist vehicles

The Cosby design was an adaptation of a successful Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) design used in the United States.


  1. A specially adapted vehicle slowly passes the chosen container
  2. A scanner on the arm of the vehicle sends out a beam of gamma radiation that penetrates the container walls
  3. The beam is picked up by sensors, and computers compares contrasts and converts the data into images

Cosby Suppliers can bring your specialist vehicles to life

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