Bespoke trailers that match your brand

December 15, 2016

At Cosby Suppliers, we enable clients to take their concepts directly to the consumer. We offer a range of solutions which bring your original concepts to life. Most importantly, we work very close with our clients, so that we understand their core values. This working relationship means the finished product mirrors your brand at high profile events.

Here is a selection of bespoke trailers we have had the pleasure of being a part of.

Audi expanding trailer

Exhibition trailer manufacturers for Audi Expanding trailers - Audi double deck hospitality and marketing trailers Audi-Flagship-(41)

Here we created a double deck expanding trailer for Audi, which included an upper and lower deck. Incorporated into the build were Audi’s iconic brand and the existing dealership architecture.

The double deck trailer included the following features:

  • A multipurpose upper tier which could be used as meeting rooms and on race days converted into a viewing gallery
  • A relaxed open space on the lower tier featured soft seating, coffee counter and the latest audio and visual facilities for presentations and entertaining guests
  • The interior décor matched the premium car brands aesthetic values
  • On board power and air conditioning

VW Group marketing trailer

Event Marketing Trailer - Volkswagen Group Event Marketing Trailer - Volkswagen Group Event Marketing Trailer - Volkswagen Group

In conjunction with Xpression, we created an expanding exhibition trailer for the VW Group, helping the company promote their brand during events, track days and product launches.

This expanding marketing trailer had the following features:

A fluid interior space made up of two pods, which can be used as an area to educate clients and entertain guests, as well as a car showroom

  • The main entrance included electric sliding doors and tinted glazed windows
  • The top floor can be used as an open terrace or viewing gallery
  • A third section also provides a small gallery area
  • On board power and air conditioning
  • The exterior represented Volkswagen brand values

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