Bespoke exhibition trailers options

September 30, 2016

Exhibition trailers enable companies to display their product, services and solutions to a specific audience at targeted events and locations. This is the type of audience that you wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to engage with.

Cosby Suppliers exhibition trailers provide a dynamic platform for businesses to take their marketing messages on the road. Our bespoke exhibition trailers, trucks, units and vehicles, come in a range of sizes all with different capabilities and configurations. Exhibition trailers offer a wide array of opportunities, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Here we run through some of the tailor made features that have been applied in the past, that you could use for your future marketing campaigns.

  • Electro-hydraulic controlled expanding features – Allows for quick and easy single-operator deployment
  • Fully independent on-board power generation – Enabling you to bring the features of your office on the road
  • Sophisticated audio and visual systems – Entertain and attract potential customers to your unit
  • Air conditioning – Operate from a comfortable temperature controlled environment
  • User friendly set up – With some of our exhibition trailers up and running in approximately twenty minutes
  • False walls – Split the layout of your trailer into sections that would best suit your individual needs
  • Data cabling – Electrical and communication-based applications are easily incorporated
  • Suspended ceilings – Allows for Easy Installation of overhead appliances
  • Carpet or vinyl floor coverings – The interior can be outfitted in a wide variety of ways
  • Customised layout – We can map the design of the trailer to your exacting needs and requirements.
  • Internet connectivity – Keep connected, even when you’re on the road
  • Diesel powered night heaters – To ensure key equipment can be kept within the range of operating temperatures
  • LED lighting – LEDs are safer and much cooler than incandescent lights, reducing the risk of combustion
  • Acoustically suppressed generator – Designed to work at low speeds
  • VIP areas – Host key clients in comfort, with plush fixtures and fittings
  • Automated canopies – Which provide protection against the elements

Learn more about exhibition trailers

This is just a sample of the features Cosby Suppliers can incorporate into your design. If you’d like to learn more about the potential of exhibition trailers for event marketing activities, contact the Cosby Suppliers’ team today. We have many years’ experience of designing and building bespoke marketing and exhibition trailers. In the past we have worked with both small/medium enterprises and large, global corporations. We have built speciality vehicles for a wide and diverse range of sectors and industries. Call us today on 0116 286 2564 to learn more. Alternatively, complete our contact form.

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