Trailer exhibition vehicles take your services and products to your audience

Event marketing agencies and PR companies appreciate the power and draw of high impact trailer exhibition vehicles for promoting their clients’ products, services and messages on the road. Marketing activities directed at captive audiences – such as at concerts, festivals and sports events – benefit greatly from being presented through bespoke exhibition trailers.

Trailer exhibition vehicles take your services and products to your audienceIn a consumer culture driven primarily through image and perception, trailer exhibition vehicles are vital to the success of marketing and sales activities. Without exhibition trailers, marketers run the risk of appearing weak in the face of competition that do utilise these mobile exhibition vehicles. These sophisticated specialist vehicles project a business’ brand like no other medium in the realm of face to face engagement.

Essentially a mobile platform, trailer exhibition vehicles provide businesses with the opportunity to communicate their brand to the same level of sophistication achieved through their fixed site retail outlets. For office-based service industries, such as insurers, the financial sector and utilities providers, trailer exhibition vehicles offer a the chance to communicate their identity beyond traditional marketing media, such as printed press, television, direct mail and digital channels.

At Cosby Suppliers we have a long and successful track record of providing bespoke trailer exhibition and roadshow vehicles to small, medium and large enterprises, including many leading international brands and corporations. Whether commissioned directly by the business, or through a third party agent – such as event marketing agencies or PR companies – all of our trailers and vehicles are designed and built to meet the exacting needs of the end user.


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