Bespoke event trailers and vehicles for leading international brands

If you’re responsible for mobile marketing activities at a concert, festival, or sports tournament and the like, or perhaps a roadshow, street event, or exhibition, you’ll be familiar with the amazing event trailers and vehicles which form the centrepiece of many of these occasions. The chances are that you’ll also have experienced a Cosby Suppliers bespoke, specialty commercial vehicle.

Event trailers and vehicles - DucatiWith thirty years’ accumulated experience and expertise of designing and fabricating event trailers and vehicles, Cosby Suppliers are a leading UK commercial vehicle bodybuilder, specialising in both exterior coach building and interior outfitting for a wide and diverse range of mobile marketing solutions. Whether fixed body or expandable, single deck or double, we’ve successfully delivered event trailers and vehicles to a wide and diverse range of leading international brands and marketing agencies.

Take for instance the motorsport event trailers example we created with Countrylab on behalf of Ducati. When it comes to delivering sleek, stylish specialty vehicles, our Italian customers demand an attention to detail and elegance of solution worthy of their nation’s sophisticated, design-driven reputation. Functioning as both a display area and changing room, it’s a great example of the diversity we have experience of when providing event trailers and vehicles.

Event trailers and vehicles - AudiOr how about the double deck, expandable single pod event trailers example for automotive giant Audi. When it comes to flagship event trailers this specialist vehicle takes some beating. It’s designed to cater for a variety of race day and dealer marketing and promotion activities, including hospitality, presentations, meetings, and exhibitions. It also serves as a race day viewing platform. Specifically designed to meet Audi’s brand guidelines, the event trailers’ appearance is inspired by the architecture of the company’s dealerships, providing a mobile extension of their established theme.

And that’s not all. Do event trailers and vehicles get any more prestigious than for the Olympic Games?! There aren’t too many bigger global events that spring to mind, so at Cosby Suppliers we’re proud to have created event trailers and vehicles for both the 2012 London Summer Olympics Torch Relay and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Torch Relay events on behalf of marketing agencies representing end users Samsung and Coca Cola respectively.


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